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Critical infrastructure asset management

Provide exceptional customer service in a highly competitive and regulated industry by capitilising on your information management.

Streamline your business operations and ensure governance across your key assets ensuring that safety, security, environmental awareness are respected.

Employ information management with confidence:

  • Extensive port experience
  • Designed for highly regulated environments
  • Integration to port management and ERP platforms
  • Streamline business processes

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Port of Brisbane

Capability Overview

Document Management

Responsibly capitalise on investments

Streamline the management of your projects and assets so the organisation can focus on providing more cost effective, high value programs.

Reduce the imposition of compliance through information management, achieve operational excellence and responsibly extract the maximum value from your investments and resources.

Key aspects of energy management:

  • Safety policy & procedures management
  • Project documentation and engineering drawing management
  • Secure contractor and stakeholder communication 
  • Quality and compliance process automation
  • Safety and asset management

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Delta Electricity

Capability Overview

Drawing Management

Capability Overview

Document Management

Decrease environmental impact, increase service outcomes

Deliver high quality services to customers, minimise the impact on the environment and provide a safe and healthy environment for staff by streamlining your information management.

Make more informed decisions with drawings management, captilise on your assets and ensure regulatory compliance is adhered to.

Provide quality service outcomes:

  • Enterprise assets and drawings management
  • Streamline business services
  • Manage critical infrastructure
  • Securely manage contractor and stakeholder communication 

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Barwon Water

Capability Overview

Objective Connect

Elicit policy change, ensure sustainability

Ensure sustainability, seek new partners and commercial collaborations by showcasing your intellectual capital through exceptional information management practices.

Share drawings and drive policy decisions with industry partners in a secure highly collaborative platform while respecting your governance rules.

Adopt infrastructure change through:

  • Enhanced collaboration 
  • Project documentation and engineering drawing management
  • Management of critical infrastructure information

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Case Study

Port of Brisbane

Capability Overview


Engineer with confidence

Drive excellence throughout your high valued projects by empowering staff with engineering content along-side all relevant information. Decrease decision time by improving collaboration between your engineers and approved external contractors in a secure, ease to manage digital workspace.

  • Manage complex engineering drawings, their renditions and references
  • Ensure review of most recent content
  • Deliver project and process governance
Engineering Drawing Management

Make safety management paramount

Provide a safe and healthy work environment, ensuring occupational heath and safety compliance is in place. Avoid unfortunate incidents by ensuring appropriate processes and procedures are adhered to prior to work commencing. Make informed decisions, even on site when managing a critical incident to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

  • Drive a safety first culture
  • Decrease risk to the organisation
  • Effortless compliance

Secure information exchange outside your organisation

Drive better project outcomes by improving the visibility of essential information to relevant stakeholders. Empower project managers to work proactively with external contract engineers via a secure, military-grade environment that respects your project and information governance rules.

  • Decrease information risk to the organisation
  • Improve decision making 
  • Increase transparency

Streamline processes, empower users

Eliminate non-value work through business process optimisation and focus on innovation and better service outcomes. Increase operational efficiency by streamlining the flow of information empowering business users to focus on results not process. Provide flexibility and boost productivity by providing decision makers with flexible digital environments.

  • Drive a culture of innovation
  • Automate using Office 365
  • Increase productivity

Embrace innovation. Respect information governance.

Technology for an information driven organisations.

Need to apply information governance to Office 365?

Transform productivity by enabling users to manage their content alongside it's valuable context in a single digital workspace.

Discover how without compromising your information management policy and practices.

Office 365 Governance ›
Does enterprise content belong in the cloud?

There are many benefits to moving your content to the cloud, but equally it can introduce risk to the organisation.

Discover the impact on information management and find a cloud model that's appropriate for your content.

ECM in the Cloud ›
Need to work with external parties?

Providing external access to enterprise content is often required to be productive.

Can you do it securely while applying your information management rules and policies?

Discover how to extend your information governance.

Objective ConnectLink ›

Governance solutions for information, processes and collaborative workspaces.

Robust governance across all information


Streamline content-driven processes


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.


Extend your information governance to the cloud


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