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Patient Referral

Deliver better patient outcomes - securely share clinical information amongst medical teams

Simple or complex health episodes can involve many participants in the referral process — the GP, Specialists, Hospital Administration, Post-Operative Care and more.

Provide a single secure workspace to a patient's medical team where everyone can collaborate and contribute.

Patient data is protected, as only the appointed team access patient information.

Manage an episode from a single digital location

Provide a secure workspace where critical patient information can be shared. Anything from file notes to X-Rays and CAT Scans, can be shared in Objective Connect.

Create a complete history

Beyond just storage for documents, healthcare providers have visibility of the complete context of an episode. Conversations between participants are captured within the workspace. Tasks can be allocated and acknowledged, decisions can be reviewed and approved.

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Compliant information management

Fast-track your path to compliant information management

A proven foundation that provides your organisation with best-practice information management practices, business process automation and technology, designed to enable your digital transformation initiatives.

Comply with confidence

Robust security, version control and audit management designed to ensure your council complies with recordkeeping standards.

Eliminate paper to improve responsiveness

Instant access to the information they need helps your staff respond more effectively. Reduce the overheard of handling paper while increasing visibility across all information driven business processes.

Provide flexible working environments and mobility

Empower staff to work efficiently by being able to access their content wherever they are on the digital workspace that's most appropriate for their work environment.

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Document Management

Medical Compliance

Reduce time to market producing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, therapeutic goods or veterinary medicine

Reduce the effort required seeking approval from industry regulators and administrators with an effective information management platform for quality assurance and compliance management.

Ideal for global companies, where R&D may be located in different countries from production labs and sales and marketing.

Information is managed in a single solution, as a single resource, available to staff located anywhere.

Comply with regulators, expedite audits

Easily demonstrate governance by quickly locating documentation on any product or process, from anywhere, when called upon in any audit process.

Streamline approval processes

Allow teams to collaboratively review and comment on new documents to reduce time to market. All versions of documents, decisions made and approvals are recorded for future reference.

Drive innovation through all processes

Create a culture of ongoing improvements by analysing the flow of information to identify and rectify any roadblocks in processes.

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Document Management

Medical Research

Medical Research

In the digital world, research teams can be dispersed across a city or across the globe.

Enable a culture of collaboration in research throughout your organisation and the industry.

The process can be slowed down with printing and encrypted hard drives so ensuring the team has the latest data linking or benchmarking information is critical.

Reduce delays

Ensure the team is across everything. Objective Connect makes it easy to collaborate on key documents, including data linking and benchmarking, by managing and creating versions whenever there is an update.

Capture every conversation

Quickly and easily initiate a new conversation within the workspace or reply to one that has already started. By linking documents and mentioning a participant’s name in a conversation and they are instantly alerted that their attention in the workspace is required.

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Objective Connect

Streamline and automate business processes

Drive efficiency and increase productivity

Drive efficiency and increase productivity while ensuring good governance. Automate business processes to reduce overheads and deliver tangible cost savings.

Ensure governance

Automate business processes to ensure consistency and meet governance goals.

Active process management

Never miss a deadline, know the progress and keep everything on track.

Approve from anywhere

Enable remote access to key stakeholders via email approvals management.

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Capability Overview


Embrace innovation. Respect information governance.

Technology for an information driven health sector.

Learn how to give users the single digital workspace they want, without compromising information management policy and practices.

Office 365 Governance ›

Learn what's important when putting enterprise content in the cloud.

ECM in the Cloud ›

Extend the governance applied through your EDRMS to content shared externally.

Objective ConnectLink ›

Robust information management lays the foundation for governance and digital transformation.

Document and Records Management › Enterprise Content Management ›

Governance solutions for information, processes and collaborative workspaces.

Robust governance across all information


Streamline content-driven processes


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.


Extend your information governance to the cloud


If you dream it, we've usually done it

We offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to Health industry. We also bring a genuine desire to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Professional Services

Business analysis & system design, implementation & project management.

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Managed Services

Outsource the management and administration of your solution to our expert consultants, so you can focus on your core business.

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Full range of training options to equip your staff and maximise user adoption.

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Customers have direct access to technical and solution support, sales, professional services and management.

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