Have full transparency of information being shared outside your organisation

With Government-grade security, you can collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks with anyone.

Create a secure, private workspace

Work with Anyone

Create a secure, private workspace so you can work with anyone, even when they are outside your firewall organisation. Work more efficiently with partners on projects, better manage your outsourced service-providers and increase your responsiveness to customers and or citizens.

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Ensure your information governance is always adhered to by integrating Objective Connect with your EDRMS. Synchronise every document and ensure EDRMS is always up to date and remains your single source of truth.

Enforce your Informations and Governance Policy beyond the firewall with integrations into your corporate applications.

Manage Any Business Process

Remove the need for paper, email, thumb drives, DVD’s and shadow IT. In a single, secure location collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks.

Completely Secure

Locally hosted and with government grade security to Protected level, Objective Connect includes full auditability and traceability so you know who's done what, and when.

Your data is stored within the EU and hosted on Microsoft Azure's™ government-accredited data centres. Objective Connect includes full audtiability and traceability so you know who's done what, and when.


True digital transformationcollaboration requires more than just sharing files.

Create a collaborative environment

Simply drag and drop one or more documents into Objective Connect and they are available for anyone you have invited to the secure workspace.

  • Secure - All files have end-to-end encryption.
  • Audit Trail - Every interaction is tracked.
  • Large Files - Send and receive files up to 1GB.Large files are never a problem.
  • Version Control - Every version is retained.
  • Alerts - Stay up-to-date with email alerts.

Right-click, share

Objective Connect can integrate with many popular EDRMS including MS SharePoint, HP TRIM and Objective ECM. Simply right-click from within your EDRMS to share a document or a folder and start collaborating.

The complete picture, in context

Often the conversations you have when collaborating provide context, and at times can be just as important as the documents being shared. Before Objective Connect, this conversation was spread across a multitude of emails, conversations, file notes, making a single record virtually impossible.

Start a conversation

With Objective Connect it is easy to initiate a new conversation or reply to one that has already started. Simply mention a participant's name in a conversation and they are instantly alerted. Direct attention by linking documents in the conversation. Everything is recorded in the secure workspace.

Acknowledge, Review, Approve

Deliver complete transparency to everyone involved, including exactly who was asked to do what and when they needed to do it by. Create tasks to acknowledge, review and approve decisions, keeping everyone informed. Bottlenecks are removed and work just flows. 

Empower collaboration

Objective Connect unlocks the full potential of any project by enabling a collaborative approach to engagement and participation.

  • Allocate tasks
  • Set due dates and reminders
  • Add instructions, link to documents

Seamless integration with popular Document Management SystemsCorporate Applications.

Ensure that your document management system remains your single source of truth even when working with anyone outside of your organisation.

Learn more about seamlessly integrating Objective Connect with Micro Focus Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM.

Why Objective Connect?

Built specifically for government, health and other regulated industries, Objective Connect understands your security and information governance needs

Built specifically for government, health and other regulated industries

Government-Grade Security

For over 20 years Objective has worked with the Public Sector, including Australian Defence Force, so we understand the importance of data security. Whether our solutions are managing sensitive commercial, policy, justice, legal, healthcare or in fact any sensitive information, you do not want it to get into the wrong hands.

Integrate your EDRMS

You can now maintain a single source of truth in your EDRMS, even when working with people outside of your organisation by integrating Objective Connect into your corporate applications. Ensure your information governance model is adhered to when information is being shared, synchronise every document and track every change in your system of record.

Quick and easy to set up and manage

No additional licenses needed, zero-training; just send an invitation and start collaborating

No IT Overhead

Objective Connect removes any IT overhead. If a secure workspace is required it can be provisioned in minutes by business users.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited users both internal and external to your organisation – you only pay for how much content you share. It’s free for anyone you want to collaborate with, all they need to do is follow the simple sign up process.

Re-use and Recycle

With Objective Connect it's easy to manage your usage. If a secure workspace is no longer needed, simply close it to re-use and recycle your connections.

Unlimited use cases

From procurement to executive papers and wide range of case related scenarios at the intersection of people, content and process.


  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Contracts and updates
  • Engagement Terms

Case Management

  • Legal Matters
  • Child Protection
  • Healthcare
  • Development Applications


  • Inter-Agency Engagement
  • Policy and Budget Submission
  • Design Documents
  • Project Plans

Executive Documents

  • Committee Documents
  • Board Papers
  • Confidential Matters
  • Report Circulation

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