Who cares about information governance? We do!

Integrate Objective Connect with your Document Management system for a single source of the truth.

Maintain a Single Source of Truth

Governance vs. Collaboration

An up-to-date and compliant EDRMS is essential for any Public Sector, Health, Finance or regulated organisation.

However many struggle as soon as you want to collaborate with anyone outside of the organisation.

Don't Leave It To Chance

To collaborate, team members often resort to burning DVDs, memory sticks or resorting to ‘shadow IT’.

As soon as this happens all of the governance created by the EDRMS is lost.

A Complete Audit Trail

When working with external parties, it can be essential to know who has done what, when.

Maintaining an audit trail within your EDRMS can give you the audibility and transparency you need.

Integrate with Micro Focus Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM

Single source of truth

Ensure that your document management system remains your single source of truth. Objective Connect integrates with many popular systems including Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly HPE Content Manager and TRIM), Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM.

Always in sync and audited

Every document uploaded and every document version updated in Objective Connect is automatically synchronised with your document management system, with a complete record updated in the document management system audit trail.

Right-click, share

Simply right-click from within your document management system to share a document or a folder of documents, creating a secure, private workspace to collaborate with external parties.

Maintain Governance

Before a document is shared externally the permission and life-cycle information within the document management system is always checked, ensuring restricted information never leaves your organisation.

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