Document Management

Empowering content — driving business

Manage Any content

Remove the effort and complexity associated with capturing, storing, organising and locating content. Decrease overheads, focus on outcomes.

Secure and Compliant

Safeguard your organisation and its information by ensuring the capture of all required metadata, version control, military-strength security and audit trails, to provide evidential proof of compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Frictionless Governance

Enable users to seamlessly access content via their core business applications, including Microsoft O365. Empower them to confidently create, manage and save work, within the organisations prescribed governance framework.

ECM Everywhere

Increase productivity by empowering content across the organisation. Provide information alongside all related context, everywhere it's surfaced within an interface that's completely natural to the user.

Records Management

Compliance, accountability and lifecycle management without the user burden

Meeting Standards

Focus on business outcomes with the confidence that your information is secure and complies with local, national and international standards for record keeping and electronic document management.

Visually appealing

Remove complexity, provide continuity and enhance business process management by making file classification management intuitive and easy to navigate. Save time and effort when engaging with content whilst promoting good records management adoption.

Central to Everything

Make information governance effortless for records managers by providing complete visibility throughout the document lifecycle along with comprehensive auditing of physical and electronic records, ensuring you're always in control.

Enterprise Grade

Increase your controls over the business so users are no longer burdened with the overheads of managing records or compliance by adopting an enterprise-wide, decentralised approach to records management.

Microsoft Office 365

Embrace the latest productivity applications knowing governance simply happens in the background

Centralised Access

From online to on-premise make the finding, utilisation and saving of information within Office 365 application such as SharePoint, Word and Outlook a seamless experience for all users.

Single Sign On

Whether accessing content on premise or in the cloud provide your users with a frictionless user authentication experience when accessing their information via Office 365 Applications.

Extend Compliance and Governance

Ensure information governance policies are respected and regulatory compliance adhered to when users requested and manage their information from within Office 365 applications.

Embrace innovation

Expand the effectiveness of your information by adopting the growing portfolio of Microsoft's productivity applications and social media platforms, ensuring governance will be managed via Objective INFORM.

SharePoint Governance

Maintain control and Increase productivity across workgroups

Enhance workgroup participation

Elevate the usability and context of information by providing a graphical unified SharePoint experience whist ensuring information governance and compliance is always adhered to.

Single Source of the Truth

Remove duplication and control unsanctioned workgroup growth by deploying great governance across your SharePoint ecosystem and provide a lean environment that empowers participants to achieve their goals.

Governance across workgroups

Ensure your information governance policies are always adhered to across SharePoint Workgroups and that security, regulatory compliance, version control are scalable and sustainable.

Enhance search with governance

Increase the relevance and provide governance to SharePoint search by surfacing it within a workspace that provides the user with the necessary context to more efficiently manage their tasks.

Drawings Management

Manage complex drawings & versions with full governance

Providing the complete picture

Increase the visibility and speed of access to relevant information surrounding technical drawings to improve outcomes.

Ensure governance throughout

Increase transparency throughout the drawings lifecycle including audibility across all reviews, versions and approvals ensuring compliance and governance are respected.

Bi-directional title block updating

Decrease overheads, ensure consistency and provide integrity against drawing versions by applying business rules that automatically update drawing title blocks.

Sheet Management

Improve efficiency and enhance data integrity by enabling users to easily create new drawings from originals or templates, including metadata.

Collaboration is vital

Improve collaboration, increase productivity and promote effective decision making. Streamline access to information to reduce silos within and outside the organisation in a flexible yet highly governed platform, while ensuring intellectual property is secure.

Seamlesss integration

Increase user adoption with integration to standard drafting applications such as AutoCAD® and Microstation®; and common mark-up applications such as AutoVue.

Reporting Insights

Optimise business with visual insights and analytics

Increase adoption

Promote and extend your organisations adoption of Objective Inform by providing valuable insights on usage and business process activity.

Make informed decisions

Provide visual insights enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions based on current and relevant information.

Drill into the detail

Review information usage patterns and trends and easily drill down into specific areas to validate assumptions and prompt questions.

Monitor content activity

View, review and streamline the usage of your information across business processes and line of business application.

Deployment Options

Leverage Objective's secure Azure cloud to drive value, decrease overheads without compromising compliance

A secure solution

Objective's Azure managed cloud offering is the right choice for highly regulated industries and the public sector with military-grade encryption.

Transition with confidence

Simplify and streamline your ECM deployment and infrastructure maintenance by leveraging Objective's MS Azure enterprise class cloud offering.

Captilise on experience

Take your content into the cloud with confidence in the knowledge that Objective have extensive experience to ensure your information management governance is respected.

Leverage your cloud ensuring security and high capacity are in place while reducing overheads with Objective managed services

Maintain your cloud investment

Place Objective INFORM securely on your own cloud investment and remove the overheads of management.

Capitilise on a private or community cloud

Confidently move your content from on-premise to a private or community cloud with Objective enabling the transition.

Provide governance across your environment

Provide information and process governance across your existing IT systems under the one roof and Objective will provide the information and process governance you require.

Retain your information on premise while considering your cloud options tomorrow or never

Maintain your existing infrastructure

Maintain the security, reliability, performance, and management framework of your on premise environment and Objective will ensure you maximise your ECM outcomes.

Collaborate externally by extending your on-premise information management

Extend your on premise content for collaboration with partners using Objective Connect in a highly secure and governed way.

Enable staff to access their content

Increase performance by providing secure cloud access to staff working outside network ensuring information governance isn't compromised.

Capitalise on a combination of platforms to achieve the optimum outcome

Transition to the cloud with confidence

Migrate all or a portion of your content to the cloud ensuring there's no impact to your information governance.

Control the location of your content

Leverage Objective's content driven governance model to dynamically manage content across multiple repositories for the ultimate flexibility and control.

Securely extend on-premise content to the cloud

Increase collaboration with external parties using Objective Connect in the cloud while retaining governance.

Helping drive digital transformation through content

Putting information to work, so you can get back to business.

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