Common Content and intellectual property

Bringing discipline to your organisations core messaging and intellectual property

Common Content Management

Capture, manage and leverage your intellectual property across your entire product portfolio.

Ensure consistent content and usage across all documents using powerful content management and reuse tools.

Single Source of Verified Content

Changes to common content, clauses or visual assets can be quickly and easily reflected across all portfolio documents.

Ensure full traceability over where common content and intellectual property assets are being used, where a clause is in-force, requires review or should be updated.

Review, Approval and Verification

Reduce time to publication by separately reviewing and approving individual content components, clauses, illustrations and images.

Authoring and collaboration

Bringing discipline to your organisations core messaging and intellectual property

Collaborative authoring

Enable teams to author, update and collaborate on new or updated complex business documents using easy to use content editing tools.

Easily import existing MS-Word documents and other marketing assets.

Single master document

Eliminate the need to manage multiple track-changes in multiple documents with a single, master document, accessible to all stakeholders.

Feedback, comments and reviews are all captured in-place in the document and stakeholders are notified of updates and tasks they are required to perform.

Full visibility of changes made

Complete visibility of everything that happens in the product roll process through a comprehensive audit trail.

Understand at a glance who made what changes, under what authority and based on what evidence.

Review, verification and sign-off

Full confidence that you are meeting your compliance requirements

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance with internal processes and regulatory obligations with fully audited review, verification and sign-off processes managed using workflows.

Be confident with a comprehensive and defensible audit trail covering all review, verification and approval steps.

Process Facilitation

Effortlessly facilitate both simple (involving a single participant) and comprehensive (with multiple participants, stages and actions) review processes.

From single participant, nor updates to complete product rolls involving multiple stakeholders, multiple authorities and across all of your product documentation.

Verification Certificates

Facilitate easy sign-off for legal and executives through the use of automatically generated verification certificates detailing evidence points for key statements and performance data.

One Click, Multi Channel Publishing

Comprehensive, in-house publishing to print documents and digital assets

One click publishing

Save massive amounts of time producing on-brand, print-ready documents or digital assets (including downloadable documents and “digital disclosure” inspired showreels) with a single click using Objective Keystone’s sophisticated built -in publishing engine.

White Labelling

Effortlessly produce multiple brand variants from a single source document ensuring consistency and accuracy across all published material regardless of product, brand, customer or fund manager.

Wholesale disclosure documents to third parties based on a single source of content.

Last Minute Changes and Versions

Incorporate last minute changes to verified content into ready for market publications without the need to round trip with your design agency.

Easily access historic versions of published material to verify the point in time wording for all plans, products or policies.

Multichannel Distributions

Complete the document creation and publication cycle


Easily distribute published content and digital assets to print bureaus, web sites, digital apps, partner networks and other distribution channels.

External Collaboration

Engage external stakeholders such as partner organisations, legal entities or customers in the document drafting, review and approval process with ease.


Ensure only authorised individuals (such as partners, brokers or specific customers) access privileged information using our secure content distribution portal.

Stakeholder Engagement

Create meaningful relationships with your stakeholders, citizens and customers

Consultation Tools

From surveys to documents, polls to petitions, Objective Keystone provides the widest choice of engagement tools in a single platform for on and offline engagement.

Monitor and manage all consultation activities, both on and offline, in a single platform that is powerful enough for both organisation and partnership wide management.

Stakeholder Management

Profile your community and manage stakeholder information and relationships. Improve your reputation, increase trust and reduce risk by proactively encouraging participation of interested stakeholders.


Developed by one of the world leaders in information management, Objective Keystone is the only corporate engagement solution accredited by the Consultation Institute.

We work with you to drive improvement and increase compliance.

Why Objective Keystone?

Manage complex, critical business documents with ease.. Eliminate the risks, costs and inefficiencies associated with traditional authoring, review, and publishing processes

Cloud Application

Avoid the cost and challenges associated with provisioning hardware and configuring software with a fully cloud-based solution.

Offering high availability, 24x7 access from anywhere and support for all major web browsers on PC, Mac and Unix.

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Robust Security

Highly sensitive data and organisational intellectual property is safely hosted in compliant data centres.

Configure access your way using our sophisticated access control, password policies and firewall infrastructure.

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Easy to Use

Achieve high levels of user satisfaction and efficiency through role-based user experience design, based on significant user testing and prototyping.

Simple and highly intuitive user interface ensures most users need little training and assistance.

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Helping drive digital transformation through content

Putting information to work, so you can get back to business.

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