Government Grade Security

Objective Keystone is used by over 400 organisations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. In over 9 years of operation, Objective’s customers have not experienced a single security related incident

Your data is always safe and secure


All traffic to and from the system can optionally be encrypted using banking grade encryption (SSL).

Such encryption ensures that all traffic to and from the system is protected against network interception, cache browsing and other attack mechanisms.

Virus Protected

Every content item uploaded to the system, from any user and of any format is automatically scanned for virus and other ‘malware’ that may cause data loss or other problems.

Access Control

Access to the system is governed by user identification and passwords. It can be further strengthened by only accepting access requests from known networks.

Security Certifications

Objective Keystone complies with global security standards

IRAP Compliant Hosting

Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM)

A standard developed by the Australian Defence Signals Directorate, Objective Connect conforms to the ISM, for sharing information up to and including Protected.

ISO Compliant

ISO 27001:2013
Objective Keystone was certified in the UK to the internationally recognised Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001:2013

ISO 9001:2015
Objective Corporation is certified to the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 and all software developed adheres to quality software lifecycle practices.

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