Intuitive Workflow Designer

Design, alter and manage processes with ease.

Transforming complex into clear-cut

Make translating manual business processes into digital formats as simple as drop and drag with an intuitive user interface designed for everyday business managers.

Robust and secure

Ensure great governance with a secure robust solution for those processes that are essential to running government regulated industries through to simple ad hoc process that make general operations run smoother.

Agile and adaptable

Empower managers to be self reliant and not held up by IT services in the event process maps require adjustments or adaptations and keep operations moving in a forward direction.

Workflow within workflows

Make short work of setting up larger business processes that contain standardised actions by nesting them directly within workflows and ensure consistency throughout.

Dynamic Case Management

Enabling agile process management to ensure the best outcome.

Provide flexibility at decision paths

Empower stakeholder to influence and make decisions to alter the path of workflows where necessary to ensure the most appropriate outcomes.

Enable exception management

Provide options for those cases where exceptions are necessary to keep a process on track whilst being confident that everything is monitored, security controlled and audited.

Jump between processes

Provide flexibility and ensure the best possible outcome by enabling users to effectively move between multiple workflows whist ensuring transparency of path.

Empowerment through content

Empower knowledge workers with the information they require to achieve their outcomes whether it be structured data from line of business systems or unstructured content.

Anywhere Access to Workflows

Provide flexibility and accessibility via any digital device.

Designed for the modern worker

Engage your users by providing them with a work experience that fits their environment, from desktop within the office through to a mobile digital platform while in the field.

Approvals via email

Ensure that approvals aren't held up by sending requests directly to stakeholder’s Outlook inbox and streamline their decision making by proving clear and concise directions via an intuitive graphic interface.

Supporting information at the click

Make accessing and referencing supporting information a simple click away empowering stakeholders with enough content to confidently make decision wherever their work takes them.

Increase workflow adoption

Increase the usage of business process automation from knowledge worker through to executive by providing them with a configurable interface that delivers an experience enabling them to complete tasks efficiently.

Transparency, Accountability and Great Governance

Optimise business processes through clear visibility.

Actively monitor processes

Stay informed across your business processes, from monitoring individual tasks to targeting potential bottlenecks and benchmarking their progressions.

Ensure governance and compliance

Deploy workflow activities across the business and in the field with confidence with the knowledge that each stage and task is captured, reportable and auditable.

Process intelligence

Inject intelligence across your business processes to highlight trends and pressure points that can be turned into pro-active change programs.

Further engage executives

Promote executive engagement across your business process by providing them with visual insights that enable them to make informed decisions.

Helping drive digital transformation through content

Putting information to work, so you can get back to business.

Why Objective PERFORM?

Adopt one processes now and evolve to others at your pace.

Hybrid Cloud Enabled

Thinking cloud, think choice with Objective PERFORM solutions that are ready to be adopted as a subscription cloud enabled solution, on premise on your hardware or managed in a private cloud network.

Best Practice Principles

Objective PERFORM solutions are based on years of delivering best-practice workflow with demonstrable results for customers.

Designed for All Users

Achieve high levels of adoption, user satisfaction and efficiency across all levels of your organisation with Objective PERFORM solutions, designed with simple and highly intuitive user interfaces focused on achieving results.

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