Meet Objective Trapeze 10

Re-imagined user experience. Simple, clear, attractive design. Powerful as ever.

Completely redesigned user experience with you in mind

Enjoy a simple, pleasant, efficient workspace. Move from one step to the next – smoothly and efficiently.

Bright and fresh new look & feel

Objective Trapeze 10 introduces a sleek, inviting, and streamlined new user interface built on modern technology. We've removed barriers and distractions to make your work stand out and to provide you with a pleasant and efficient workspace.

Get around easier

Now aligned with your most common workflows, getting around Objective Trapeze is smooth and intuitive. Easily access the tools that are most important to you using the logical workflow-oriented tabs and easy-to-identify icons in the new Ribbon. Or jump straight to your favourite tools from the new Quick Access Toolbar. No more memorising paths to remote locations and clicking through endless dialogs. It’s all here.

Go straight to the point

We've enhanced the Navigation Pane and added easy-to-access navigation functionality in the Status Bar down the bottom, so that you can get where you want in your document much easier and quicker. You can even search for specific words in your document directly from the new Search Bar at the top and find what you're looking for super-fast.

More space

By opting for collapsible panes and allowing you to only show either bookmarks or thumbnails at any one time, we’ve managed to save about 20% of your screen real-estate. So not only is your user interface now much cleaner and simpler, but you have more space to work on your plans and documents.

Get all the power you need to keep building consentsdevelopment applicationsplanning applications moving

Assess building consents development applications planning applications faster, with efficiency and accuracy.

Get the power of Objective Trapeze, without the complexity

We've focused on exposing Objective Trapeze functionality and enhancing usability so that you can make the most out of Objective Trapeze's extensive range of powerful tools in significantly less clicks. Easily assess, measure, compare, annotate, and stamp.

Jazz it up

Customise your annotations, measurement, assessment, and redaction tools to your exact needs with the new easy-to-use Properties Pane. Save time by defining presets that you can quickly access and use later.

Smoother, stronger administration

Easily configure and customise Objective Trapeze to meet your organisation's needs and unlock powerful tools for your users with the new in-application Administration tool. Having more control does not need to be hard.

Centrally manage your configuration

Centrally create and manage stamps, annotation presets, preferences customisation and Quick Access Toolbar customisation from a single location. Preview your changes before saving, and simply roll out your Objective Trapeze configuration to all the users in your organisation.

Help & Support

Find all the information you need to master it all in Objective Trapeze in one location.


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Objective Trapeze 10 overall is an awesome program to navigate and use.

Tereora Tapaitau, Processing Officer, Gisborne District Council


I like the new look and feel in Objective Trapeze 10 and that it's so easy to use. I've been using it a few weeks now and wouldn't go back to the previous version.

Jamie Nikora, Processing Officer, Kaipara District Council