Supercharging Innovation at Micro Focus Realize 2019

Supercharging Innovation at Micro Focus Realize 2019


Over the course of three days and cities Objective was the proud Diamond sponsor of the Micro Focus Realize 2019 conferences. Held in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra with an attendance of over 700 Micro Focus Content Manager experts, the goal of the conference was to gain insight from industry leaders, their peers and trusted partners on how to address complex problems to realise smarter business outcomes. It was a fantastic opportunity to be part of such a well-attended event and perfectly aligned with Objective’s strategy to enable organisations using Micro Focus Content Manager to work smarter, through a range of integrated solutions.

There were some exciting new advancements on the way for Micro Focus Content Manager, but most of the presentations and conversations were centred around the role of security and data privacy. Even the panel discussion was entitled ‘Role of Privacy' - 'Protecting personal data'. For Micro Focus, data privacy clearly appears to be top-of-mind for 2019. Given the requirements such as the Australian Privacy Principles, (APP) which are following the lead of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, delegates at all levels were interested in new ideas on how to work more efficiently whilst respecting information governance and personal data regulations. I had several conversations with delegates who were trying to understand the risk associated with protecting personal data. Not getting it right poses a significant risk in the form of fines, sanctions, lawsuits and erosion of reputation.

Clearly Micro Focus are fully committed to data protection with an initiative presented by the team around ‘Data Access Governance’. This relatively new market is focused on the protection of sensitive information located in the network file system from unauthorised users. Particularly for regulated organisations, it was clear that the balance of protecting the right information in the most appropriate manner without manual and time-intensive processes was a delicate balancing act.

Security and privacy were overarching themes in the majority of conversations I had during the event and aligned perfectly with the Objective moto of Great Governance, Better Business. Delegates were looking at the Micro Focus business partners to provide value to the Content Manager community enabling them to work more efficiently to provide better service outcomes.

A couple of highlights were discussions around sharing data securely outside the organisation and the ability to expose a set of EDRMS documents for discussion, allowing members of a committee to contribute without needing to be licensed EDRMS users. Additionally, the increase of information access requests given our 24/7 digital community and the secure redaction of those responses. Although several delegates admitted to using off the shelf or unsanctioned solutions for file sharing and redaction, given the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) requirement, they were not comfortable knowing they could expose the organisation’s information, so were looking to invest in solutions that ensure governance across their platform whilst streamlining operations.

With such a great turnout to this year’s conference, I’m excited at the year ahead and working closely with Micro Focus and their customers to help drive better outcomes for their organisations and those they serve.

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