Product Brief

Drawings Management - manage engineering drawings & versions with full governance

Drawing files, their renditions and references to paper drawings are managed alongside general corporate content, in a single solution.

Traditionally, the Engineering department has relied on custom applications to create and maintain drawings, resulting in information silos where engineering information was stored and managed in isolation from all other corporate information.

Critical to the entire business, engineering information has often been difficult to access by anyone within or outside of the organisation, other than the engineers.

Integrating with popular drafting applications AutoCAD® and Microstation®; and common mark-up applications such as AutoVue™, Objective Drawings is a solution that aggregates engineering content with all other corporate content providing people with a single, comprehensive view of information regardless of its format or origin.

Objective Drawings delivers full drawings management functionality with the additional control and governance benefits delivered through enterprise content management (ECM).




  • Title block updating
  • Sheet management
  • Version linking
  • Reservations
  • Version Control