Case Study

National Blood Authority

Collaborating across nine governments and over 400 hospitals, sharing information, securely

Working on behalf of the Commonwealth, 6 State and 2 Territory Governments, secure collaboration is critical to the National Blood Authority (NBA) being able to ensure a safe and secure blood supply to all Australians. But with sensitive health information being shared, the NBA has to ensure strict information governance.

NBA searched for a collaboration platform that was secure, locally hosted and importantly, ensured complete auditability and traceability of information before implementing Objective Connect.

Objective Connect is used across the NBA whenever there is a need to work with anyone outside of the organisation. Committee Papers, tender evaluations, benchmarking data, expert panel reviews and even source-code from ICT systems developed by the NBA is all now securely shared using Objective Connect.

For staff it means that sharing files externally is now no different than sharing with someone in the office. It’s all integrated back to HP TRIM.

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  • Secure collaboration with external parties
  • Complete audibility and traceability
  • IRAP Protected
  • Deep integration with HP TRIM