Case Study

Sutherland Shire Council

Faster approval of larger, more complex development applications

Facing a sharp increase in the number and complexity of development applications and restrictions on its manpower, Sutherland Shire Council turned to digital processing to improve its work efficiency.

It was able to determine 36% more development applications in 2016 than the previous year – with an average value per application more than three times what it was in the past – without any additional staff.

By all but eliminating the use of paper, pencil and printouts, the direct cost savings from the transformation have been significant.

The efficiency improvements experienced by the council have proved even broader: expediting the approval of larger and more complex DAs translates into direct economic benefits for the council region, creating more jobs and attracting even more residents to the area.

“Trapeze has become a driver of change within the organisation,” said Plummer. “Once the Building & Planning Department goes digital, the rest of the organisation follows.”

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  • In one year, council planners processed 36% more applications without any additional staff
  • The myriad of documents involved in development applications (DAs) are handled digitally at every stage of the process
  • Faster approval of larger, more complex projects improves the council’s appeal to investors, delivering substantial economic benefits
  • Digital workflow meets NSW state mandate for online service delivery
  • Happier community through easier DA lodgement process and better communication between council and applicants