News Release

APVMA Selects Objective ECM To Manage Information Essential To AgVet chemical regulation in Australia


Objective ECM 8 was chosen after an extensive public sector tender process, which began in March 2012. Objective ECM 8 will manage the large amounts of scientific and product information that all APVMA staff rely on to make sound regulatory decisions. These decisions impact the registration and on-going management of over 10,200 pesticides and veterinary medicines that are approved to enter the Australian marketplace.

Objective ECM 8 is widely used by public sector organisations to gain control of the large amount of content and knowledge that proliferates all levels of government. Designed to maximise user adoption and deliver a simple, fast and personal user experience, Objective ECM 8 is a comprehensive suite of applications engineered to streamline business processes, improve productivity and provide essential business knowledge to users.

Organisations such as the APVMA require solutions that enable them to comply with the National Archives of Australia's Digital Transition Policy. The APVMA contract is important, because other Commonwealth organisations can procure a similar Objective EDRMS solution based on the APVMA contract with Objective, providing significant time and cost savings that would be associated with running their own process. Further information can be found at the AusTender website - CN1207092.

Tony Walls, CEO, Objective Corporation said, “Objective has a proven ability to deliver strategic solutions that meet the requirements of Australian public sector organisations. We are pleased that after an extensive process, the APVMA selected Objective ECM 8 to consolidate their information and manage their processes that support their regulatory decision making.”

About Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) is an independent statutory authority responsible for the assessment and registration of agricultural and veterinary medicines (agvet chemicals) products, and their regulation up to and including the point of retail sale, into the Australian marketplace. The authority sits within the portfolio of the Australian Government Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.