Product Brief

Objective Perform for Micro Focus Content Manager

Activate your content to automate and streamline business processes

Deliver improved efficiency, transparency, quality and collaboration by activating the content within your information platform. Micro Focus Content Manager delivers information governance to countless organisations worldwide. Objective Perform extends this governance to content-driven business processes driving innovation and efficiency.

Design innovative processes, comply with regulations and meet KPIs

With capability to define and automate business processes, Objective Perform provides a framework to consistently execute business processes that boost efficiency and reduce dependency on key individuals. It enforces standard operating procedures, minimises errors, helps meet deadlines and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Transparency and accountability are delivered through complete audit trails of process activities, helping organisations comply with external regulations.

  • Objective Perform meets the needs of all types of users that engage with business processes.
  • Business users have both the tools and trusted information at their fingertips to confidently make decisions and progress tasks.
  • Managers have complete visibility across the breadth of business processes empowering them to balance workloads to time frames and escalations.
  • Workflow designers are equipped with easy to use tools to design and streamline processes that reduce costs, improve productivity or shorten process cycle times.
  • Developers can access detailed controls enabling them to fine-tune and tailor workflows to suit the organisation's needs.

Why is Perform a natural extension of Content Manager?

Seamlessly integrated with Content Manager, Objective Perform is delivered via an intuitive web based interface that can be accessed by the user’s device of choice. Objective Perform ensures that information governance, security and auditability are always respected and visible through your Content Manager platform.

Objective Perform is a robust workflow platform that supports industry or process specific business applications that have delivered demonstrable benefits to government and regulated industries for more than 30 years.




Designed for Micro Focus Content Manager – Objective Perform adds value to and works seamlessly with Content Manager, powering content-driven processes.

Deliver better outcomes – for management, staff, constituents and customers by digitising processes that improve customer service delivery and drive digital transformation initiatives

Increase efficiency and remove bottlenecks – by enabling staff to manage business processes on their mobile platform of choice while ensuring the business retains transparency and auditability

Ensure governance – run automated business processes that are auditable and respect the information governance policies as implemented throughout your Content Manager platform