Objective Managed Services

Driving Value Out of Your Objective ECM

Are you maximising the value of your Objective ECM solution across the full spectrum of technical performance, business optimisation and user adoption, while remaining focused on your core business initiatives?

Please join William Bourke, Director Customer Care of Objective Corporation, for this 30 minute webinar on "Maximising Return on Investment with Objective Managed Services" to learn how you can improve the performance and operational management of your Objective ECM, to drive greater efficiencies and achieve optimal service levels for your customers.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How outsourcing the day-to-day operational management of your Objective ECM optimises system performance and improves service delivery
  • Benefits of driving greater value from your ECM investment to accelerate business growth and optimise end user experience
  • Streamlining administration and governance to reduce overhead costs required to support your environment
  • Describing Objective's Hosting capability in the cloud to reduce your cost of operations
  • The business benefits other customers have achieved with Objective Managed Services