Optimise your processes to generate greater business value

Maximise the value of your Objective solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

Improve organisational productivity

Automate, streamline and refine document-centric processes to dramatically increase organisational productivity.

But where do you start?

Identify & measure

Learn which business processes to target, know how to measure performance and identify where the greatest gains are to be made.

Our lifecycle approach to processes identifies opportunities for improvement at every stage.

Proven methodology

Our deep understanding of document centric processes together with a proven process governance methodology, assists customers govern and improve their processes; and continually improve over time.


Process Governance Services

Process improvement starts with business insight

A complete picture

Meaningful insights into document-centric business processes require more than simply statistical reports.

True process governance reveals where processes are working well or where they can be improved. This in turn identifies the areas that, when improved will deliver the highest returns.

Business Insight

The Business Insight is an efficient and highly targeted exercise aimed at assessing the current and desired performance of a business process.

It will determine a roadmap of the opportunities and areas of highest business value.

The exercise is conducted alongside a customer in an open and collaborative manner whilst helping educate and gain buy-in from other stakeholders throughout the organisation.

Stage 1 - The Initial Assessment

Assessment of process performance against benchmark data to produce a business insight dashboard. Assists identifying quick wins and areas for further investigation

Stage 2 - Business Case

Conduct root cause analysis into areas that have been identified from Stage 1. Workshop the future state performance, agree a baseline, calculate the ROI and document a business case.

Smart Process Applications - packaged solutions for common processes

Applications for common processes

Smart Process Applications (SPA) address common document-centric processes within an organisation. They are delivered as a pre-configured application on a document management system of your choice.

Bundled together in a single solution, the SPA includes: a preset fileplan, pre-built workflows, systems integration, related implementation services, and training.

Cost effective

SPAs enable customers to adopt a high-value solution for a competitive investment.

SPAs provide our customers:

  • Lower cost entry to a very sophisticated solution.
  • Reduced uncertainty and risk.
  • Faster implementation providing compressed ROI time.
  • Best practice solution.

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Process Governance Projects - tailored to your specific needs

Projects of all shapes and sizes

A Process Governance project allows processes to be re-designed in close consultation with organisational and user requirements.

Projects may range from incremental improvements to end-to-end re-engineering of the business process. Either way the goal is to improve the governance and performance of the business process.

Solutions that meet your business challenges

While tailored to the customer's specific business requirements, Objective's process governance projects use standard industry methodologies to map and re-design business processes.

Solutions are then designed using workflow software and system integration capabilities, ensuring optimum outcomes are achieved.

What Next?

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Fine-tune your business processes for ongoing improvement

Ongoing management for successful process governance

Transparency of process performance reveals trends to allow incremental improvements to be mae on a regular basis.

Automated process reporting

Templated reports provide insights into the key indicators of process performance. Designed as dynamic reports, you can find answers quickly. They can be presented as a real-time dashboard or distributed in pdf form to stakeholders.


Periodic process healthchecks

Effectively a lightweight form of Business Insight, this review targets well-managed processes to identify further areas for improvement.

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Governance solutions for information, processes and collaborative workspaces.

Robust governance across all information


Streamline content-driven processes


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.


Extend your information governance to the cloud


Redaction software for security conscious organisations


Digitally transform plan approval collaboration


Author, verify and publish on-brand content, with ease


Helping drive digital transformation through content

Putting information to work, so you can get back to business.

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Objective creates information and process governance solutions that are effortless to use and enable organisations to confidently advance their own digital transformation.

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Designed for regulated industries, these solutions turn the imperative of compliance, accountability and governance into an opportunity to streamline business processes and deliver the innovative services that customers expect.

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With a heritage in enterprise content management (ECM), Objective's solutions extend governance across the spectrum of the modern workplace; underpinning information, processes and collaborative work-spaces.

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